John Deere
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 John Deere  3020  L.P.G  good condition  remotes on the dash
 3pt and wide front    $5800
   John  Deere 4010  L.P.G. 3pt and wide front   $4800
   John Deere 4320  Diesel cab does not have all the glasses in it
   runs good   3pt and wide front  $6500

   John Deere 4020 Diesel  narrow front with roll a matic  cab with

   not all the glass in it  $6500

 John Deere 2010 with over haul on engine spent over $2000 on parts

 and about the same on labor, Have paper work on the parts put in it.

 Needs the hydralic pump replaced   $3500

John Deere 3020 Diesel standard shift transmission wide front and

 3pt single remotes  $7500

 John Deere 4320 w/cab wide front end 3pt and dual hydrolic remotes.

 radial rear tires 18.4 -38  $7500
John Deere 3020 diesel  3pt and wide front end
J D  620 lpg runs factory 3pt $2700